Other individuals who are fans of the Deseret Alphabet have even gone so far as to create new fonts for the Deseret Alphabet. Some of those fonts can be found on this site. Also, because of these same individuals, the Deseret Alphabet font is probably already in your computer, via Unicode! Every modern Mac or PC that has Unicode can see the Deseret Alphabet. Samples of the Deseret Alphabet in the Unicode font are also on this site.


And for reading material, fans of the Deseret Alphabet have started to convert public domain stories and books into the Deseret Alphabet and are making them available as printed books. You can even buy them off of This includes some of the tales of Sherlock Holmes, Biography of Benjamin Franklin, and even the Constitution of the United States.


Over recent years, fans of the Deseret Alphabet have been collecting together various files that relate to the Deseret Alphabet, like pictures of old newspaper articles, poems and short stories that have been written, examples of art using the Deseret Alphabet, including much more. There are files on this site that can assist the new, or even experienced, fans of the Deseret Alphabet that are available for download. There are documents that contain scans of the complete Book of Mormon that you can download yourself allowing you to read and have access to that and the other books that were originally printed in the Deseret Alphabet. A book that goes into depth on learning to read and write in the Deseret Alphabet is also available for download.