Coin with Deseret Alphabet lettering.

The main purpose of the Deseret Alphabet Portal site is to introduce people to the Deseret Alphabet and give them enough resources so they can learn more about it.

Front Covert Deseret Alphabet Book 1

As more and more individuals become interested in the Deseret Alphabet, they will publish their work on the internet. This site aims to provide links to these sites that are considered to be of worth to other fans of the Deseret Alphabet, thus making it easier to find resources, without having to weed through the many sites that will show up on a search engine, due to the general wording of Alphabet. The word Deseret however, is rather unique and can sometimes be an easy way to find more information. The links to other resources on this site are periodically checked and keep updated, as sites come and go.

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This site, the Deseret Alphabet Portal, along with the domain, aims to be a long lasting and reliable source for information on the Deseret Alphabet for many years to come.